Increasing the value of deluxe houses with “essence materials”

High-end customers are always looking for not only a house but also a living space with diverse and wonderful experiences. If regular building materials such as cement, iron, steel,… are key factors to erect a house, “essence materials” will be considered a decided advantage in getting better quality of life from the perspective of luxurious real estate buyers.

“Essence materials” in this case are internal factors of construction projects such as planning, architecture, utilities,… or finishing housing products carefully. However, not all investors can afford those material “sources” because the construction process requires large investment resources, long-term vision to implement high quality projects according to the needs of high-end customers.

Following the aforementioned trend, with its location in the west of Hanoi, Anlac Green Symphony residential complex becomes a noticeable example of luxurious real estate which was erected thoroughly for elite owners. The project is a combination of 3 “essence materials”: methodical planning, high quality products and great value which create a glamorous lifestyle for the residential community.

Laying a great foundation by meticulous planning and high quality construction work

In Anlac Green Symphony, in the early days of sketching the idea of ​​a semi-closed integrated residential complex, investor An Lac Group created a plan to build houses along with landscape design and utility systems.

Anlac Green Symphony is located in the west of Hanoi and connects directly with My Dinh through Trinh Van Bo Street.

The first impression of the complex is that it was constructed thoroughly. Being inspired by a huge Cello, Anlac Green Symphony offers an amazing experience because of its arrangement which has closed – open sections according to the function of each product line. If the shophouse area is located on the street of Anh Trang Boulevard – connecting with Trinh Van Bo and My Dinh, being convenient for commercial and service business, the semi-detached and detached villa area is located in smaller roads, close to the highway, which is not only a bustling but also a private area.

Apart from methodical planning, the material construction used for Anlac Green Symphony are also invested by An Lac Group. The entire sidewalk is designed with a width of 3m – 6m with natural granite – friendly to the environment and pedestrians.

It can be said that construction standards and innovative thinking to provide a modern living experience for the resident community are the most typical examples for the quality of Anlac Green Symphony.

Great utility system and beautiful landscape

As one of the most rapidly changing projects in the West of Hanoi, the values that Anlac Green Symphony brings to residents are shown by the internal utility system, the education system with high quality along with the potential for sustainable price increases.

Specifically, the project has a river and a lake which are surrounded by 40 utility systems: Entertainment, health, commercial and the complex landscape. These systems also include 3 green parks, squares, sports areas, commercial and service areas…, meeting both physical and mental health needs.

Center Musical Park in central Anlac Green Symphony

With regard to educactional value, education is also developed in the prosperous land of the west. The residential complex has established a community of knowledgeable and civilized residents with elite individuals in the the fields of research, business, and politics. Doan Thi Diem Inter-level School in the complex is expected to start construction in the third quarter of 2022, bringing international-standard quality education. Besides, local utilities also provide children with an environment to develop their minds personalities and health.

In Anlac Green Symphony, “essence materials” not only act as the foundation to build a long-term living place but also play an important role in rising value and improving the quality of life of each individual. Especially, the project is going to launch a limited number of villas with basements in Hanoi market. With the high quality of works and full utility systems in Anlac Green Symphony, the products are expected to attract a lot of customers and investors.

Anlac Green Symphony has many products: villas, commercial villas, terraced villas, shophouses,… connecting directly with central My Dinh and Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh

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