The fluctuations in the real estate market in the first half of 2022 change the thinking of buying real estate. Instead of buying projects that have not been implemented yet, investors and customers now tend to choose urban areas that already have existing works with comprehensive products and utilities.

The number of transactions has decreased, the mindset of buying real estate has changed

According to the report of the Ministry of Construction, in the first 6 months of 2022, the number of transactions of detached and terraced houses in some areas tends to decrease. In Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, the number of transactions in the second quarter is estimated to decrease by over 20% compared to the first quarter. According to many experts, there are two reasons for the above decrease: (1) the decrease of supply and (2) the change in investment needs after the impact of the new policies from banks.

Credit control policies of banks and the rising prices of construction materials have affected market supply and made many investors to face difficulties in capital sources. Therefore, they are unable to continue implementing their projects, which causes a delay in constructing many projects and a decrease in housing supply.

Besides, the control policies from the bank contribute to the purification of customers participating in the market, particularly those who do not have long-term capital and often buy trendy real estate. At present, the market only includes investors and customers with stable capital, who want to hold long-term assets and choose real estate as a safe investment. However, because buying real estate with real capital, investors and customers are very careful with real estate transactions. This could create the trend of choosing real estate with “real quality, real values” in the market.

Buying existing real estate with “real quality, real values”

The change in thinking about buying real estate is represented by a change in investment trends. If in the past, investors often bought projects which were advertised with their potential, now they have bought projects which have been implemented with existing infrastructure, construction progress on schedule.

According to experts, this change is inevitable. The market had witnessed many projects with “outstanding potentials”, but they could not continue to be built. In fact, if “buying potential” contains many risks, “buying existence” is a safe investment for investors. This is considered a smart choice because it brings many benefits to customers: it helps people to ensure their capital, assets and particularly the opportunity to increase long-term values.

Besides, experts  said that the change in the mindset of “buying existence” would contribute to the sustainable development of the real estate market. Customers become more careful and choose real products. This might create a challenge for real estate developers, require them to have good resources, build a methodical development plan and fulfill their commitments.

The real estate market in the West of Hanoi is considered an area with good development whose quality urban projects are developed by reputable construction investors. This would attract many luxurious investors and customers. One of the projects that make the area brighter with a clear change and a gradual upgrade of living space is the 5-star Anlac Green Symphony urban area of An Lac Group.

Anlac Green Symphony urban area with existing infrastructure and high-quality works attracts a lot of investors and customers.

Investor An Lac launched this project in early 2021, they have always ensured the construction progress and completed the internal infrastructure, particularly the provision of 5-star facilities in the urban area such as 3 theme parks with unique landscapes, 5-star standards outdoor swimming pool,… Anlac Green Symphony has become a vibrant urban area attracting residents to live in. It is also chosen by many investors because of its rising value potential.

It can be seen that the tendency of customers to choose existing projects shows the right rule of the real estate market. This might bring real estate to its true values. The mindset of buying existence is also considered a positive trend to help the market develop sustainably.

Detached houses and houses with basements are believed to be launched in 5-star Anlac Green Symphony urban area 

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