Sweet homes in an urban complex

In the past 2 years, because land banks have decreased and the COVID-19 pandemic spread out, some projects which meet the basic needs of living, working and enjoying life have become more attractive. With 20 years’ experience in the real estate market, An Lac Group knows clearly the importance of creating a quality living environment for residents. Therefore, a plan for an integrated urban complex was chosen to apply to Anlac Green Symphony – an ideal place for a comfortable life with privacy and safety in the west of Hanoi.

Satisfying every need with perfect living space

Anlac Green Symphony integrated urban complex is located in the center of Western Hanoi – the new administrative center of the capital. Many Ministries – Departments – Government organizations are located here including Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Department of Customs,… and public works such as Convention Center Nationally, Hanoi Museum. This place is expected to bring a comfortable living space for elite customers. Each resident not only owns a beautiful house in Anlac Green Symphony but also possesses a chance to enjoy green spaces, and a private living space. In fact, in Anlac Green Symphony, public road networks inside and outside the project, spaces, and amenities are gradually being finished constructing.

Mr. Trung (40 years old) was surprised at the rapid progress of the project, he said: “Our family deposited Anlac Green Symphony villas in early 2021. After a year, I am surprised by the construction progress and the internal infrastructure in the urban complex which is complete now. Up to now, I have totally believed in the investor and decided to buy the villas close to the Center musical park”.

Traffic infrastructure – complete amenities, and villas is ready to welcome their owner

With 40 amenities including education, sports, entertainment, the project can fulfil every need of residents for a comfortable life.

Ms. Phuong said: “We have 2 kids and our parents also live with us, so it is difficult for us to find a place to settle down. After considering it, we decided to move to Anlac Green Symphony, which is a good environment for our kid to grow up. Particularly, Doan Thi Diem inter-level school right in the urban comlex is going to open the first course, which is very convenient for our kids to access a high quality educational system. Our parents also have time to take good care of their health, plant bonsai,… All the amenities are safe in the interior of the urban complex”.

Landscape with green trees and a river bring an airy living space for residents

In addition, the modern internal infrastructure and the development of the western area provide a solid foundation for the potential exploitation and business expansion in the urban complex.

Enterprises and offices in the urban complex is preparing to operate

Mr.Duc, CEO of a furniture manufacturing company is one of the first residents who locate his office in the urban complex. “I decided to locate my company at an Anlac Green Symphony commercial villa which is on Moonlight Avenue, connecting with Road 70 and Ring Road 3.5. At present, Road 70 is wide, connecting the project to central My Dinh. Besides, thanks to complete infrastructure, people are also moving in, I received help and orders from my neighbours and local people outside the urban complex.

Trung Nguyen E-coffee shop is opening

An Lac Group created many amenities from the beginning of the project to bring a high quality living experience for residents. After a year since the official launch, the vibrant Anlac Green Symphony urban complex is developing as fast as some places nearby in the western area.

The first residents who settle down in Anlac Green Symphony create a community of intellectual residents in the west of Hanoi and share the happy spirit of an urban complex to the community.