A lot of urban complexes has erected, but many of them are also abandoned

Real estate in Hanoi has strongly developed. However, not all urban complexes deserve to be called “Active urban complexes”. The west of Hanoi witnesses the construction and development of numerous new urban complexes. But many projects have been abandoned, and there are few active ones.

According to experts, although Hanoi has many urban complexes, they are houses which are just used to sleep at night. This is because people still have to work in the city center, they only go home in the suburbs after work. There are many abandoned urban complexes which are not attractive places to live to residents.

This might be a consequence of the lack of methodical urban planning because people could not provide 2 key factors: an effective traffic connection between the urban complexes and the city center; and the perfect living space along with areas for businesses and other interesting activities.

When inactive urban complexes are not thriving in the market, residents’ expectations for lively ones rise significantly. Therefore, people need to find out 2 factors that determine the existence of a real estate project in the west areas of Hanoi.

2 factors that determine the development of an active urban complex.

A lively urban complex in the west of Hanoi has to solve access and living space problems completely.

The west areas of Hanoi have developed considerably with infrastructure planning, good network traffic. There are many Ministries – Departments – Government branches, schools, public works, high quality social infrastructure which are located here. This place becomes a new administrative, economic and cultural center of the capital, attracting a large number of residents to live and work in. Particularly, some projects benefit greatly from the development of external transport infrastructure such as Anlac Green Symphony with Ring Road 3.5, 70 Road connecting directly to central Hanoi and the northern provinces nearby. This could be an ideal place for people to settle down.

However, external traffic – social infrastructure is not enough to create a connection of a project. The challenge for investors is that they need to build complete internal infrastructure and synchronize with local traffic. This is an essential factor for people to go anywhere from their home conveniently because of the easy access by road. To do this, investors need to have enormous financial potential and the ability to construct internal traffic infrastructure and housing products at the same time.

A green living space in Anlac Green Symphony

In addition, environmental problems and living space need to be greatly concerned. Residents aspire to be provided full amenities with a system of supermarkets, restaurants, and physical development space. They also want to live in a place which can access hospitals, commercial centers, schools,… within 2km from the urban complexes. Finally, green space is the last factor to build a worth living space.

A complete urban complex can not only make the city landscape more beautiful but also create a residential community with a high quality of life with more strict security and a bright future ahead of their children. Those positive effects would bring residents comfort when they come home, help them to enjoy utilities and immerse themselves in every activity in the complex.

Center Musical Park in Anlac Green Symphony

One of the most typical vibrant urban complexes which is an ideal place for people to settle down is Anlac Green Symphony in the West of Hanoi. This project is highly appreciated with the completion of internal transport infrastructure and surrounded by 3 important roads outside which lead directly to the city center. Besides, the utilities there are also fulfilled. Parks, squares, paths, Trung Nguyen E-coffee shop start to open, Doan Thi Diem inter-level school is being built. In the near future, it is said that the project would continue to provide a limited number of villas with basements. This limitation might bring elite residents another choice of luxurious living space in a 5-star urban complex.