Why do people keep hesitating to buy real estate?

The real estate market report in the first quarter of 2022 from the Ministry of Construction illustrates that the number of transactions decreased in many segments. Specifically, the total number of transactions decreased by 44,5% compared to the first quarter of 2021 and 20% compared to the same period last year. The hesitation of buyers is partly affected by interest rates and an unsteady housing market.

According to VNDirect’s Real Estate Industry Report (May 16, 2022), it is now more difficult for buyers to receive financial support since strict policies on bank loans are applied for the real estate market. In addition, many projects have poor liquidity because they cannot satisfy buyers’ need for infrastructure and living spaces; or buyers cannot afford houses because the rising prices for building materials cause an increase in house prices. Finally, a lot of untrue news from the market including virtual deposits, illegal activities of some companies which raise buyers’ doubts about real estate growth expectations.

However, real estate is still a sustainable and good investment. The potential of this field can completely be realised, and buyers have interest in real estate again thanks to “the real values”  from high quality projects which are invested and erected methodically.

“The real values” would earn the trust of investors again in spite of market volatility

The real values of real estate – an illustration of potential and synergy value.

After a trend for investment, investors suffer weight loss and change their mind. They hesitate about investing and look for good quality property with real values.

Mr.Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet from CBRE Vietnam said: “A popular mistake that many investors make is that they only focus on the amount of money they have and forget to take into account cash flow”. With regard to investment, there are markets that are profitable in the medium and long term, but investors usually expect to earn short-term profits. Therefore, in terms of cash value of property, it is valued not only at its present price but also at its potential in the future. This potential is demonstrated by tangible factors such as methodical planning, excellent amenities, prestigious construction investors,… The more noticeable those factors are, the more valuable property is. Hence, the real values of the projects in this case increase steadily.

Property is valued at its present price and its potential in the future

Apart from the real values which were formed by the aforementioned factors in the interior of real estate projects, external values such as network traffic, the general development of some areas nearby,… also make property more sustainable. The most typical example of external values which contribute to the rising property values is the policy of developing the west area of Hanoi into a new administrative-economic center of the city. Therefore, this place would become homes of knowledgeable capital residents where organizations, ministries, national works,… are located. This area aims to provide a safe and good living environment for residents with modern amenities and efficient services which would add value to high quality real estate projects in the area. One of the most reputable projects in the west of Hanoi which is fully appreciated by experts is Anlac Green Symphony urban complex. This project has had “real values”, including the central location, complete traffic infrastructure, good amenities and a civilized living environment, becoming a well-known property in Hanoi real estate market.

Despite many challenges, “real values” would always be the most sustainable ones for people who own property. These values also fulfil every customers’ need and exist in the real estate market. The rest of this article totally depends on smart and right decisions of investors.

Villas and Houses with basements in 5-star Anlac Green Symphony Urban Complex are going to be sold soon.

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