Our Culture and Employee Benefits

Our Culture and Employee Benefits

Over 20 years of development, Anlac Group has been a second home for hundreds of employees, it is where we spend most of our day together. At Anlac Group, corporate culture is the most valuable spirit that connects all Anlac members, contributes to the development of strategic management and it ensures the effectiveness and success.


Anlac Group is a pioneer in information technology application in constructions, operation and all business activities. As a philosophy, our Management Board believes that “Information technology is the driving force of everything”, affirming the importance of Information Technology to cope with global growth.

The development of information technology requires constant adaptation, transformation and creativity of each Anlac Group member who continuously improves and strives to make Anlac Group one of the leading companies in Real Estate investments.

At Anlac Group, workplace mutual respect is one important factor in our corporate culture, letting all employees know that they are valued for their achievements, abilities and qualities. Every employee is encouraged to share ideas at all positions, to be creative in problem solving and to work with their peers to accomplish the company missions.

professional - modern
friendly - flexible


Anlac Group creates a professional, modern and friendly working environment in which each employee can be proactive and flexible with their task to achieve the best efficiency. Our employees have the opportunity to take part and to be educated in more than one major if they have the interest and willing to learn.


Competitive Salary

Our salary is updated annually in accordance with Labor Law, market midpoint and in comparison with other companies in the same business lines as reference to ensure our employees get the most suitable offer.

Pay rise opportunity

Anlac Group offers good opportunities to increase your salary level including wages or fee, gratuity, incidental benefit, productivity bonuses…

Decent reward

Through a transparent evaluation system, our employees are properly evaluated and rewarded fairly.

Training and development

Our employees are encouraged to participate in training programs as development courses for “inherited teams”- ones have potentiality and ready for a long-term commitment with the company’s growth


Based on corporate business performance each year, our employees are able to receive gifts/bonuses on holidays, birthdays, annual health checks, annual team building events and financial support in need…

Team building activities

Anlac Group regularly organizes events, activities to motivate, boosting employee morale and creating a close bond between every member as “Anlac is our second home”’.