A dream home of city dwellers

Although living in a big street in central Hanoi with markets, commercial centers, and schools nearby, Ms. Bui Thi H in Hoan Kiem District still feels uncomfortable when she comes home. The alley there is very large where people often park their vehicles because they do not have parking space in their house. According to her, whenever her family has guests, she has to ask her neighbors for parking space. 

This is a typical problem of many residents in the capital. Hanoi has a population density of 2100 people/km2, which is 8.2 times higher than that of Vietnam. The population density in some central districts such as Dong Da, Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Thanh Xuan and Cau Giay is even higher, with 30.500 people/km2 on average. Particularly, in Hoan Kiem, the population density reaches 39.830 people/km2, which is 137.3 times higher than that of Vietnam.

Due to the high population density, people do not have airy and green space. Although living in the city center is extremely convenient, they cannot enjoy the tranquility of life with different values.

Located in the western center of the city, the appearance of urban complexes which are well-planned such as Anlac Green Symphony would bring an ideal living environment for residents.

An urban complex with complete amenities

From the beginning of the project, construction investor Anlac Group mainly created infrastructure and landscape to help customers imagine a perfect life. According to the investor, up to now, this project has gradually been completed with different amenities which are going to be provided soon.

Anlac Green Symphony is located in the western center of Hanoi which proudly possesses a complete network traffic. With 1.5 km of Ring road 3.5’s frontage and 4 surrounding roads, residents could access the city center easily. At present, internal roads leading to urban areas nearby are built. The road 70 which runs through the project is completed 98%, ring road 3.5 is fully completed. All of them are ready to bring flexible network traffic for residents.

A diverse amenity system which is aimed at providing people with a happy life is also created. Education and Health care are two types of amenities that Anlac Group developed significantly. Particularly, to create an excellent educational system, the construction investor selected carefully and decided to cooperate with one of the most prestigious schools in Vietnam – Doan Thi Diem escalator school which is going to open in 2023. Children would access a high quality educational system in the urban complex, which is totally convenient and safe.

In addition, Anlac Group also knows that an urban area is considered a happy place only when its residents are healthy. Hence, with the aim of creating a green and healthy living environment, modern and complete amenities are Anlac Group’s priorities. When people visit the project, they often look surprised by the changes of the urban complex after a year under construction. According to the construction investment, among 3 big parks in the urban complex, Harmony is the one that has been completed with beautiful landscape. Residents can go jogging, do yoga, read books, or play sports such as football or basketball, etc. to improve their health.

Besides, two theme parks namely Musical Park and Melody River Park have also been built. Specifically, Musical Park is expected to become a unique place for people in not only the urban complex but also the west area to enjoy sounds, light and landscape in order to improve their mental health.

The completion of Anlac Green Symphony’s amenities is a deciding factor that helps intelligent residents to choose this place as an ideal living environment for their family.

According to construction investment Anlac Group, they have gradually sold villas, commercial villas, and houses. All of them have been completed which fulfill every need such as for living, for doing business,… In addition, the construction investor continues to build villa products with many points of difference which have never appeared in the market before. Those products are going to sell in 2022 and become special in the western competitive market.

In conclusion, a new living space is created in the west of Hanoi. With all efforts of construction investor AnLac Group in 2021, 2022 would be a milestone that marks the development of this corporation in a journey to make Anlac Green Symphony into a sustainable urban complex of the capital.