With the development in infrastructure and planning, real estate in the west area is expected to be the main segment in 2022. However, investors need to choose right property while a lot of untrue news and information about the rising prices of real estate appreaing in the market.

The west area of Hanoi continues to lead the real estate market in 2022.

Because the Covid-19 epidemic has a destabilizing effect on the economy in 2021, people believe that 2022 will bring an opportunity to revive the economy. In particular, sustainable products such as villas, houses, and garden houses would extremely hot in the future. When investing in Thu Thiem’s land becomes trendy, the real estate market is more competitive because customers now prefer to buy land and houses or villas.

In Hanoi, with the aim at development and planning, the city center do not attract investors any longer. Therefore, the west area of Hanoi becomes hot land when it witnesses the development of network traffic and urban planning to satisfy investors’ needs. The housing price continues to break records for more than a decade as a result of the relocation of many administrative centers, embassies, universities and the upgraded infrastructure. The house prices in Tu Liem district also increase by 10% per year since 2017. It is also noticeable that the most significant increase can be seen in Hoai Duc district, with 42.8%.

Because of the market trends, experts said that this rise has not reached its peak yet. According to the experts, the west land of Hanoi continues to lead the market in 2022 and create an investment trend in the area. Especially, there are 4000 villas and houses would be sold in this area, accounting for 65% market share.

However, investors need to make wise decisions when they invest in real estate because of the inaccurate information in this active market at this time. They need to know the market thoroughly to be successful real estate investors.

Choose the right property

Investors have to be intelligent enough to predict the future of the land they intend to invest in. To illustrate, they need to analyse the market to choose the right land that would definitely develop in the future instead of a land with little opportunites for development.

The west are of Hanoi has gradually developed with the most modern infrastructure. However, it is not true that every place in this area is worth investing. There are still urban complex projects with villas that sold for nearly 10 years which people still do not move in. This is because construction investors have not fully taken their responsibilities to create landscape, amenities and living environment for residents to settle down which is a deciding factor for the development of a project.

Investors need to analyse the potential of a project and internal factors to maintain sufficient liquidity and increase sustainable values. In other words, the construction investors’ capabilities and their  commitment to complete amenities and housing products on time are top deciding factors. Investing in a villa or a house in an urban area with complete traffic – technical systems, beautiful landscape, modern amenities,… can be a much profitable than investing in uncompleted projects.

In addition, when amenities are completed, customers can imagine the space and great value that they are going to posess in the future. This would earn customers’ trust, create a happy community in the project and help them to raise the liquidity and the value of their property.

Green space in Anlac Green Symphony

A predominant project in the west of Hanoi is Anlac Green Symphony which has vibrant landscape, modern internal infrastructure and utilities. Experts said that this project may be extremely hot when it is lauched in western Hanoi market.

In the unstable market, investing in villas and houses in completed urban area is a wise decision which would bring sustainable value for investors.