On International Women’s Day 8/3/2021, Anlac Group held a warm and joyful meeting to express gratitude to Anlac Group women.

International Women’s Day takes place at the same time with the COVID-19 epidemic which affects billions of people and families around the world. However, during the epidemic, women and the majority of Vietnamese people show their solidarity, compassion, adaptability, and willingness to face difficulties. Each female employee of Anlac Group also adapts to the new situation by applying information technology in their work to contribute to the development of An Lac Group.

Women’s efforts at work and their achievements are always appreciated. In addition, the Board of Directors always encourages Anlac Group women to work, study and be creative in order to get a high social status and improve their work efficiency.

On International Women’s Day 8/3, the Board of Directors of Anlac Group would like to send to all female employees and female customers dearest regards and best wishes. Wish you always were healthy, joyful, happy and successful in your work.