19 years is a long journey of An Lac Group to develop, which is also the youth of the Company’s Board of Directors. Today, all members of Anlac Group are here and extremely proud of the past journey, a journey with great changes in the scale of Anlac Group.

During the past 19 years, Anlac Group has developed, achieved many business goals, and gradually become a professional real estate developer. After many years, the Company has achieved great growth in terms of projects, revenue, profit and management costs. Anlac Group has provided millions of jobs for thousands of people, paid thousands of billions of tax and participated in creating hundreds of millions of Kwh of electricity for the society. These are very proud and encouraging achievements of the leaders and employees of An Lac Group.

Vice Chairman of the Board Mr. Nguyen Trong Thong made a speech on the anniversary.

On the anniversary, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “Although there were times that the world and Vietnam’s economy had been unstable, the real estate market also experienced ups and downs, An Lac still had effective development strategies.  In particular, despite the economic crisis at the moment, An Lac has developed sustainably. This is because of the right strategies creating competitiveness in quality and advanced management systems!”

Anlac Group experienced 10 years, 15 years anniversary and now it is 19 years anniversary and there will be 20th anniversary in 2022, marking a development journey with desire and dedication. On the 19th anniversary, the Board of Directors of Anlac Group said “We have a good business strategy, a clear plan, so our goal is to make Anlac Group to be a leading construction and real estate corporation in Vietnam”.

When Anlac Group develops, our culture is also built. Due to difficulties and hardships, that culture is more clearly formed. We are determined to build An Lac culture as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “Taking work as the reason for life, taking business as joy, passion and creating jobs, contributing to the social welfare is the motto and principles of Anlac founders”. Besides, there is mutual love, solidarity, synergy and social welfare.

In the near future, Anlac Group will continue to pursue the defined mission and vision. We always innovate in management methods, business plans, techniques, technologies, unite and cooperate with partners in Vietnam and in the world; With perseverance to overcome difficulties and challenges, Anlac Group will continue to reach new goals. The motto “Customer – The origin of creativity” and “Information technology is the driving force for everything” will contribute to the success of Anlac Group.

Deputy General Manager Mr. Tu Bach Chien gave a speech on the anniversary.

On this anniversary, Deputy General Director – Mr. Tu Bach Chien said: “We would like to sincerely thank the families, husbands, wives and children who have accompanied and shared hardships, difficulties with An Group’s employees. We understand that your support always plays an important role in our success. I wish Anlac Group was always full of energy, successful, and developed stably and sustainably!”

The anniversary ended with emotional reactions from the bottom of the heart of everyone!

These are some pictures of the anniversary: